The 2017 village fete has raised over £2,500 for charities.

This years’ beneficiaries are the Village Hall, Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance and Leybourne Grange Riding Centre for the Disabled.

From KSS Air Ambulance

Thank you very much for the generous donation of £750.00 following the Ryarsh Village Fete. We are so very grateful to you for supporting the air ambulance in this way and please pass on my thanks to all those involved in making the fete such an amazing success. I hope everyone who attended enjoyed the day with the different stalls, car display, fun fair and other activities on offer.

We appreciate the hard work and effort that must have gone into organising the fete and we really are incredibly thankful to all the members for their efforts in fundraising.

We have recently taken delivery of our new helicopter, an AW169, which will soon be operational. Flying faster, further and for longer it will enable us to reach, treat and deliver our patients to hospital even faster and potentially reach more people in time. The AW169 has a significantly larger cabin, improving in-flight access to patients, which will allow for delivery of more life-saving interventions. It also offers the potential to carry out those interventions inside the aircraft rather than outside – which can only be better for our patients.

From Leybourne Grange Riding Centre for the Disabled.

I would like to say a massive thank on behalf of us all at Leybourne Grange Riding Centre for the Disabled. We are most grateful for all your fundraising efforts and cannot believe that we received £750- for our riding centre from all your hard work. This will help so much to keep our centre running, we are in need of some new equipment(saddles and bridles) for the horses so this will go a long way to help us.

Thanks to everyone who attended and gave so generously to these wonderful charities. We look forward to welcoming you back next year!

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