Does anyone remember Victor Lennon of ‘Stockton’, Roughetts Road?

Does anyone remember Victor Lennon who lived in ‘Stockton’ on Roughetts Road in the mid-fifties? Here’s an email we just received from Canada via the Ryarsh website.


64 years ago (1955), I was in Grade 1 Cascades Elementary School, Burnaby, BC Canada. My teacher was Mrs. Buckston, who I believe was from England, though I don’t remember her accent, lol. She connected with a teacher in England, our two schools were bonded; we wrote to a pen-pal, I still have an original¬†‘hand-written’ letter and ironically his name is:

Victor Frank Lennon, Stockton, Roughetts Road, Ryarsh, West Malling, Kent, England

Researching Google Earth, there are perhaps 8 houses on Roughetts Road, none with numbers but names, seems a common tradition. Perhaps the name changes when the house is bought and sold.

Both us “Victor” have evolved thru some of the most interesting times in the world and in each of our countries, gosh, who ever heard of a microwave, computers, cellphones and jet planes, though I never acquired the taste for Marmite!

Is it possible to let me know, ‘Where is Victor today?’

Thanks, Vic Smith
[I live 20 minutes from Cascades Elementary School.]”