Social Housing Availability – Ryarsh Park

A selection of two and three bed houses are available to purchase through Shared Ownership (part buy/part rent) at Ryarsh Park.

Clarion Housing Group are holding an open day on Saturday, 14th October between 10am – 2pm at the Ryarsh Village Hall attendance by appointment only.

For more information call 0300 100 0309 or email

Applicants must live or work in the Borough of Tonbridge and Malling and be able to obtain a mortgage. Those on housing benefit, cash investors or who already own a property will not qualify.

Ryarsh photo features on BBC South East Today

An image of Ryarsh taken at sunset on Sunday 13th August has been featured on the BBC South East Today social media today.

Shot by Ryarsh resident and part-time Brad Pitt (in his younger years) lookalike, Andy ‘Beard’ Betts, the shot was taken with a Mavic Pro from a height of 100m looking west over the village into the sun setting behind the North Downs. You can click the image below to see if full size and download it for your computer wallpaper or similar.

EE – An update on Ryarsh phone signal issues

As of this morning, EE are still maintaining that there is a line of sight issue for our local mast. They are still maintaining that they cannot contact the landowner to gain access to deal with trees which are blocking the signals. We know the landowner of the mast in Ryarsh and that he has offered any and all access to our local mast to them.

Having discussed this issue with a friend who is well versed in such technical details he pointed out that our mast sends it signal to another via the small microwave dish and we determined that the other mast is based at the end of School Lane in Wouldham. I visited both sites yesterday afternoon and took aerial photographs of the line of sight between them and as can be seem, there is no issue with trees. These photographs have been sent to EE who as stated, even having seen the pictures, still maintain that there are trees which need pruning. We can only assume that even though this seems to not be the issue, that the absent landowner is for this site, not the one in Ryarsh. In the pictures below you can see that access to this site is on a public road, so it seems strange that they need permission to access it.

Our issue has been logged with Ofcom (Ref: 00440768) on the 21st July. As of today, it is now logged with ‘Ombudsman Services: Communications’ who aim to find a solution within 6-8 weeks. I’d encourage all other EE customers in the village to log a complaint with them as advised by them. You can contact them via their website here or call them on 0330 4401614. It only takes a few minutes and with more complaints, ideally the issue will be resolved sooner. For info, the case reference with EE is EEIM931951.

I have been offered a home signal box which I have and means I can use my phone within a small radius of it inside the home only, a refund of our bills since the issue began which was refused until the issue is fixed, and there was also talk of compensation. I’ve also been offered to terminate my contract early with no penalty.

In the images below, the larger mast is the Ryarsh mast with the microwave transmitter arrowed and an image from behind showing the clear line of sight. The smaller transmitter again shows the clear line of site, this is the Wouldham mast.

Click on any of the images to enlarge.

Access to Wouldham Mast as pictured from Pilgrims Way

Ryarsh EE Mast – Microwave Transmitter

Line of Sight to Wouldham

Wouldham Mast – Line of Sight to Ryarsh

Fete raises over £2,500 for charities

The 2017 village fete has raised over £2,500 for charities.

This years’ beneficiaries are the Village Hall, Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance and Leybourne Grange Riding Centre for the Disabled.

From KSS Air Ambulance

Thank you very much for the generous donation of £750.00 following the Ryarsh Village Fete. We are so very grateful to you for supporting the air ambulance in this way and please pass on my thanks to all those involved in making the fete such an amazing success. I hope everyone who attended enjoyed the day with the different stalls, car display, fun fair and other activities on offer.

We appreciate the hard work and effort that must have gone into organising the fete and we really are incredibly thankful to all the members for their efforts in fundraising.

We have recently taken delivery of our new helicopter, an AW169, which will soon be operational. Flying faster, further and for longer it will enable us to reach, treat and deliver our patients to hospital even faster and potentially reach more people in time. The AW169 has a significantly larger cabin, improving in-flight access to patients, which will allow for delivery of more life-saving interventions. It also offers the potential to carry out those interventions inside the aircraft rather than outside – which can only be better for our patients.

From Leybourne Grange Riding Centre for the Disabled.

I would like to say a massive thank on behalf of us all at Leybourne Grange Riding Centre for the Disabled. We are most grateful for all your fundraising efforts and cannot believe that we received £750- for our riding centre from all your hard work. This will help so much to keep our centre running, we are in need of some new equipment(saddles and bridles) for the horses so this will go a long way to help us.

Thanks to everyone who attended and gave so generously to these wonderful charities. We look forward to welcoming you back next year!

Fibre Broadband edges closer

BTOR have updated their website in the last few days so within a month we should have our long-awaited fibre! It’s been ‘We’re Exploring Solutions’ up to now so this is them publicly stating there’s less than a month to go.

Happy birthday to Rick & Wayne Oliver

Ryarsh twins Rick & Wayne Oliver celebrated their birthdays this week, turning 33 years old. Happy birthday guys!

While Rick’s celebrations are unknown, Wayne was seen in the Duke of Wellington with a 3kg bag of Dolly Mixture (which are surprisingly nice once dipped in beer) having a few Amstels to mark the occasion. It does seem however that a Ryarsh first was noted on the night, with Wayne managing not to keep up with his peers and amassing a mighty 10 pints in the wood. We’re seeking clarification from Jon but this could well be a pub record for ‘not keeping up’ and the night could make its way into the Ryarsh Book of Records.


EE Signal Problems – Update

We’ve just spoken with the landowner of the land the mast is sited on, who is also an EE customer with no service and has been complaining to them too! The issue appears to be that EE had mistaken the mast location and were contacting the wrong landowner.

In the last couple of days they have been given the correct information of whom to contact, we confirmed the details with them and they are correct. EE will be making contact with him shortly and he has already offered them all the access they need to resolve this issue so this misunderstanding is hopefully resolved and they’ll be out to do whatever needs doing to the mast shortly. Fingers crossed!

EE have also informed us that once this is over and service is resumed they’ll be able to discuss compensation for the loss of service so be sure to get in touch when we’re up and running again on 0800 956 6000.

Portrait of St Martin’s Art Exhibition

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd July St Martin’s Church are holding an art exhibition. Thanks for an award from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the church is currently undergoing a considerable amount of repair work, with scaffolding against the walls and trenches across the grass.

Visit and view the church through the eyes of past and present artists in paint, photography, carpentry, fabrics, records and sculpture.

10.30am to 5pm – free tea, coffee and cakes!