EE – An update on Ryarsh phone signal issues

As of this morning, EE are still maintaining that there is a line of sight issue for our local mast. They are still maintaining that they cannot contact the landowner to gain access to deal with trees which are blocking the signals. We know the landowner of the mast in Ryarsh and that he has offered any and all access to our local mast to them.

Having discussed this issue with a friend who is well versed in such technical details he pointed out that our mast sends it signal to another via the small microwave dish and we determined that the other mast is based at the end of School Lane in Wouldham. I visited both sites yesterday afternoon and took aerial photographs of the line of sight between them and as can be seem, there is no issue with trees. These photographs have been sent to EE who as stated, even having seen the pictures, still maintain that there are trees which need pruning. We can only assume that even though this seems to not be the issue, that the absent landowner is for this site, not the one in Ryarsh. In the pictures below you can see that access to this site is on a public road, so it seems strange that they need permission to access it.

Our issue has been logged with Ofcom (Ref: 00440768) on the 21st July. As of today, it is now logged with ‘Ombudsman Services: Communications’ who aim to find a solution within 6-8 weeks. I’d encourage all other EE customers in the village to log a complaint with them as advised by them. You can contact them via their website here or call them on 0330 4401614. It only takes a few minutes and with more complaints, ideally the issue will be resolved sooner. For info, the case reference with EE is EEIM931951.

I have been offered a home signal box which I have and means I can use my phone within a small radius of it inside the home only, a refund of our bills since the issue began which was refused until the issue is fixed, and there was also talk of compensation. I’ve also been offered to terminate my contract early with no penalty.

In the images below, the larger mast is the Ryarsh mast with the microwave transmitter arrowed and an image from behind showing the clear line of sight. The smaller transmitter again shows the clear line of site, this is the Wouldham mast.

Click on any of the images to enlarge.

Access to Wouldham Mast as pictured from Pilgrims Way

Ryarsh EE Mast – Microwave Transmitter

Line of Sight to Wouldham

Wouldham Mast – Line of Sight to Ryarsh